Biz Tips

At the end of the day, clean up and de-clutter your work area and you’ll start the next day with a clear mind. ~Renée Phillips
At the end of the day, clean up and de-clutter your work area and you’ll start the next day with a clear mind. ~Renée Phillips
Make tomorrow’s plans and write your “To-Do” list the night before and arrange the activities in order of urgency. ~Renée Phillips
Buy and/or create organization supplies that are colorful, well-designed and aesthetically appealing to you in order to make working with them a creative experience. ~Renée Phillips
If your health is impaired, your career will be threatened. Balance work with relaxation and healthy nutrition. ~Renée Phillips
Donate a percentage of your sales to a favorite charity, ideally one that is related to the subject matter of your work. This is one of the best sources of satisfaction as well as self-promotion. ~Renée Phillips
When you identify the characteristics of your customers, you will ascertain where to find them, what publications they read, what organizations they are most likely to join, and how to reach them. ~Renée Phillips
Serious gallery owners and collectors seek a focused vision from artists. Inconsistency makes you appear unprofessional and lacking in commitment. ~Renée Phillips
When you bring your art out into the art market it should reveal a consistent, cohesive body of work. ~Renée Phillips
In your studio, you can and should experiment to your heart’s desire, always evolving and improving. ~Renée Phillips
Diversify your market. Sell small and large pieces, originals and editions, and less expensive media and higher priced media, such as drawings and paintings. ~Renée Phillips
Give your collectors a reason to recommend you to their friends and associates. ~Renée Phillips
Marketing experts say that 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of the people you know. Rely on repeat customers and referrals. ~Renée Phillips
If you procrastinate excessively, consider hiring a career coach. ~Renée Phillips
Avoid procrastination. This is one of the major causes of failure. ~Renée Phillips
Empowerment results from team support, partnerships, mutual support and cross-promotion. Treat other artists as you want to be treated. ~Renée Phillips
Consider artists as your allies, not competitors. Channel energy in a positive direction through camaraderie and synergy instead of negative backstabbing or feelings of envy. ~Renée Phillips
Focus on creating your best work first, and then determine what your best market venues are. If you reverse the order, you will always be in disharmony. ~Renée Phillips
Maintain your Web site and/or blog with current artwork and news updates. Keep your database updated and in an easy-to-use format. ~Renée Phillips
Never leave the house without a pocketful of business cards. Keep plenty of promotional materials on hand. ~Renée Phillips
Because much of our communication now is impersonal and electronic, be among those who connect with others using more personalized methods. ~Renée Phillips
Every successful career has a foundation of strong relationships. Make a practice of building new relationships and taking care of existing ones. ~Renée Phillips
Catch yourself when you are making excuses or blaming others or circumstances for your situation. ~Renée Phillips
There are many things over which we have little or no control. But, those attitudes, decisions and actions we take can have huge consequences. ~Renée Phillips
When you tell your story in words, speak and write with enthusiasm, passion and confidence. Those qualities are infectious. ~Renée Phillips
You are different than any one else on the planet. That which makes you unique is communicated through your art. ~Renée Phillips
Create a “Dream Book” or photo collage. Fill it with pictures of your ideal home, spacious studio, dream exhibition or performance space, adventurous foreign lands, heavenly artists’ retreats and other delights that you want to be a part of your life. ~Renée Phillips
Write your goals on index cards as though they have already been achieved. Make them specific, visual and tangible, in the present tense. ~Renée Phillips
Strive to attain balance among your creative, career and financial goals. ~Renée Phillips
When your mission, values and identity are in harmony, the events in your life move with an effortless momentum, and you attract the right people at the right time. ~Renée Phillips
Performing to the best of our ability requires fitness and stamina, and in the long term, we cannot afford to neglect our bodies. Taking time out to meet our physical, mental and emotional needs will enable us to achieve our goals of excellence. ~Elena Parashko
Accept that there comes a time to let a work go and move on, even if it is not perfect. Take what you have learned from the experience and apply it to the next one. ~Elena Parashko
A good indication that a work is complete is when you have achieved what you set out to do and the artwork still carries a sense of spontaneity and freshness. ~Elena Parashko
There is a temptation to continue reworking a piece indefinitely. When you begin to agonize over minor details, it is a sign you are approaching the point of diminishing returns. Any further time spent on the project will be for little or no gain, and may even destroy what has been accomplished. ~Elena Parashko
If your mind is distracted by obligations you are neglecting, persisting under these circumstances can be a waste of time. Mistakes will be made, and the quality of your work will suffer. Instead, deal with your commitments so you are able to fully focus. ~Elena Parashko
If your artwork is not progressing the way you want, you may need to distance yourself from it for a period of time. When you are very close to something it can be hard to see the obvious. ~Elena Parashko
If a gallery does not have its submissions policy on its website, you can call and ask. To the best of your ability, adhere to the policy, submit your portfolio and follow up with a call to see if it arrived. ~Jodi Walsh
An artist must have enough business sense to find out the gallery’s submissions policy before approaching a gallery, or the gallery will not be interested in working with the artist. ~Jodi Walsh
If you want to be a success, your artwork needs to connect with people. ~Jack White
If there is a cause you are particularly close to, you can also consider initiating your own charitable program. ~Renée Phillips
Monetary gain should be secondary to being passionate about what you are doing. ~Renée Phillips
The key to giving to any charity or nonprofit, whether you’re giving money, time or art, is to be passionate about the cause. ~Renée Phillips
If you haven’t considered using your art to help charities and nonprofits before, I encourage you to make this the year you do so. ~Renée Phillips
Art brings beauty and inspiration and richness to all those who get to experience it. And, when it can go to the next step and provide genuine help in the world because of its mere existence, it answers the why (as in why) we do this in the first place, completely. ~ Margaret Zox Brown
Acknowledge the power of art is enormous, and its impact can be seen in a myriad of ways, from helping to raise funds for victims in Haiti, to donating art for healing purposes in healthcare institutions. ~Renée Phillips
To bring positive change to someone’s life and be productive in our society, one must make time for meaningful pursuits. ~ Renée Phillips
The end of your photography portfolio review can also be the beginning of a long relationship. It is critical to follow up with reviewers, personally thank them for their time and keep them informed of your work. ~Elizabeth Brady Robinson
Attending national photography portfolio reviews can be great experiences for photographers seeking publishing opportunities, gallery representation or other possible exhibition venues. ~ Elizabeth Brady Robinson
It’s always better to get permissions or releases before the use of anything that does not belong to you. ~ Maria A. Savio, Esq.
In most cases, if the underlying work or reference work you wish to use is in public domain, you do not need to obtain permission. ~ Maria A. Savio, Esq.
The purpose of a clearance is to allow you to sleep at night without fear that someone will legally come after you. ~ Maria A. Savio, Esq.
Have confidence in your artistic ability and accept your viewpoint for what it is. ~ Elena Parashko
Developing your voice is not so much a matter of finding it, but rather allowing it to emerge naturally and accepting it. ~ Elena Parashko
Whatever your mission, remember that art has great power. ~ Elena Parashko
… Just as musicians have their own unique sound that makes their music instantly recognizable, we artists also infuse our artwork with our own distinctive style. ~ Elena Parashko
There are no guarantees in life or in art, but we can be assured that whatever gifts we have become stronger the longer and harder we work, and our chances of advancing professionally are multiplied over time. ~ Matthew Daub
Great ideas and good intentions are meaningless if they are not acted upon. ~ Matthew Daub
The best advice I can give to any artist is to set aside time every day for your creative work. ~ Matthew Daub
In the art world, where the prize often goes to the last person standing, persistence trumps talent every time. ~ Matthew Daub
View teaching as an opportunity to share your passion for art — not as a routine job where you impart knowledge or demonstrate technique. ~ Elena Parashko
Combining your skills of artist and teacher is especially rewarding when students voice their appreciation for helping them not only artistically express themselves but also improve the quality of their lives. ~ Elena Parashko
It’s important for teachers to encourage their students, and to create a safe place where students feel free to explore, create and make mistakes without ridicule. ~ Elena Parashko
If you don’t want to share your ‘secrets,’ you will not enjoy teaching, and students will not enjoy being there. ~ Elena Parashko
Art is all about individuality and creativity, and there really is no one right way of doing anything. ~ Elena Parashko
Some students will come to you with an extensive education. Respect that knowledge and learn from it. ~ Elena Parashko
Art is all about creativity, but often when a teacher wants to impart information, they forget this basic principle and become very prescriptive about students copying the process or the product exactly. ~ Elena Parashko
Teaching others the skills involved in creating works of art, in weekly classes or one-off workshops, can be personally and financially rewarding for artists. ~ Elena Parashko
You should have a separate bank account for your art. Trying to tease out your art cash flow from your personal bank account numbers is a nightmare. ~Robert Reed
You need a budget to make a reasonable decision and then to make the appropriate financial adjustments to support that decision. ~Robert Reed
Budgets are important because making art is expensive. Even if your materials are cheap (something I have never seen), your time and effort are not. ~Robert Reed
If you seek more than just improving your art making skills, there are many universities offering “distance education” online, where you can earn a degree. ~Ora Sorensen has thousands of videos relating to painting techniques that are shared by artists of all skill levels. ~Ora Sorensen
If you want to learn new methods and improve your artistic skills, then time, scheduling or location constraints are irrelevant when you use the Internet as your art instructor. ~Ora Sorensen
From simple tips on wikis to Master of Fine Arts degrees offered by top-rated universities, a myriad of art instruction is available from the comfort of your own sofa. ~Ora Sorensen
Whether you are a budding artist or a 20-year professional, if you want to improve your skills, seek inspiration, try a new media or genre, or even obtain a degree, there is a place to go for all that — online. ~Ora Sorensen
The more you learn about the factors that influence color — lighting, white balance, film type, color space, etc. — the easier it will be for you to get consistently great photographs. ~Steve Meltzer
Today most people have no idea that there are different color palettes available within their cameras. ~Steve Meltzer
In the universe of color photography, everything has an impact: the colors in the artwork, the lighting, the camera brand, the lens, its coatings, the sensor type, the processor, your computer screen, and even the camera model. ~Steve Meltzer
Prove that you’re the right person to teach this subject at this time. You must be brief and aim for impact with your words. ~Alyson Stanfield
It’s important to point out that teaching is a service, not a product like your art. It is, therefore, marketed differently. ~Alyson Stanfield
Regardless of what you teach, you need clear language to promote it so that people can make informed decisions about whether or not they want to work with you. ~Alyson Stanfield
You must be absolutely clear on what you’re offering before you can effectively sell it to others. ~Alyson Stanfield
Offering workshops in conjunction with an artist’s personal travel or art show attendance is one way to gain a bit of revenue while not seeing a huge impact on personal art creation. ~Paul Grecian
Art lessons lend themselves to multi-day workshops because no one ever gets the full skill set or level of knowledge they want in one or two days of training and instruction. ~Paul Grecian
With a bit of thought and maybe even some collaboration, workshops can be a regular part of artists’ income streams, and can be a way to establish themselves as an expert in their medium. ~Paul Grecian
When it comes to offering your knowledge to prospective students, the one-on-one format may be the easiest with which to begin. ~Paul Grecian
Teaching can be a very satisfying endeavor that can add to your status as an artist. ~Paul Grecian
Once you have taught workshops, it is a good idea to get comments from participants about your workshop. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
Marketing your workshop is important whether you are doing it at an arts center location or you are setting it up yourself. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
One of the things I realized on my journey is that working on more than one painting at a time is helpful. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
If you are thinking about teaching a workshop, you should begin by deciding what you want to teach. It must be something with which you are truly familiar. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
It is important to determine whether teaching a workshop is something that will be satisfying to you. If you have not taught before, it would be helpful to have a person stand in as a pretend participant. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
Teaching workshops can be very satisfying and fun, while at the same time adding extra income to your art career. ~Brenda Hope Zappitell
Art classes and workshops are a great way to find [a mentor.] You can also form a support group of artists working on career goals. ~Mickey Bond
If you allow your mind to be flexible, you give it the freedom to be resilient and seek new ways to succeed. ~ Jack White
If you are not inspired to create anything, get started anyway; the groove will come later. ~ Jack White
Successful cultural tourism projects depend on collaborations, research, marketing and money. ~ Ligaya Figueras
Investing thought and effort into your art education will earn returns on both the dollars spent as well as improvements in your skills. ~ Monette Satterfield
Plan now, and you’ll be on the way to turning your vision into reality. ~ Ligaya Figueras
Goals are a lot easier to accomplish when there are tangible ways of measuring them, so try to be as concrete and specific as possible. ~ Ligaya Figueras
The goals you set should be ones that motivate you. ~ Ligaya Figueras
As an artist you can never strictly consider privacy and publicity rights before you depict a famous person. ~ Maria A. Savio
As artists, we are perpetually challenged to leave our comfort zone and explore new territory. ~ Elena Parashko
After a project ends, there is no assurance that the consultant will contact you again. That means you’ll need to make good efforts to maintain the relationship. ~ Gay Jervey
A huge benefit for an artist working with a consultant is that often a client purchases multiple pieces from a single artist. ~ Gay Jervey
Working with art consultants can provide artists with access to clients who otherwise may never encounter their work. ~ Gay Jervey
Sites like LinkedIn can connect you to potential employers, promote your own skills, set up support groups, and search for job leads and contacts. ~ Renée Phillips
LinkedIn can help you establish connections through which to sell your art, as well as find freelance, part-time or full-time jobs in the field. ~ Renée Phillips
If you get an email from a gallery, and it seems like a good opportunity for you, do your homework before plunking down any cash. ~ Diana Moses Botkin
One of the best ways to deal with foreign purchase inquiries is to use a reputable online payment system, such as PayPal, and avoid accepting checks. ~ Diana Moses Botkin
Another way to protect yourself against scams is to band together with other artists and keep each other aware of the scams being perpetrated. ~ Diana Moses Botkin
A good protective measure an artist can take against scammers is to use a contact box on one’s website, rather than posting an email address. ~ Diana Moses Botkin
It is always wise to maintain regular communication with your professional contacts. ~ Elena Parashko
LinkedIn is one of those great social networking venues that artists sometime struggle to understand, but once mastered, it can make all the difference in developing relationships with other professionals in your field. ~ Kim Hall
If you happen to learn that one of your collectors has a claim to fame, don’t be shy about sharing that information. ~ Ligaya Figueras
When you do find out you’ve got a renowned collector, you might consider keeping that name under a general “Collections” category on your resume until you build a decent list … ~ Ligaya Figueras
Disclosing your glitzy private collector list is also a way to break the ice with prospective buyers. ~ Ligaya Figueras
If you are at the point in your career where you can approach a museum about an exhibition, consider doing so, particularly if you have ties to the locale or if your creative work might be of particular interest to the museum’s audience. ~ Matthew Daub
People can shock you with insights that you had never even considered. In this educational model, every response is correct, and it’s your role to validate the opinions of your collectors. ~ Alyson B. Stanfield
You want to feed [buyers] the intimate details of art because knowledge is power. ~ Alyson B. Stanfield
Be proactive, and help buyers and collectors fall in love with you and your art at every opportunity. ~ Alyson B. Stanfield
As an artist, you can, at your discretion, license any of your specific copyright rights to a collector if he requests a license. ~ Maria A. Savio
Do not assume your closest friends and family will automatically be your supporters. Sometimes they sabotage you with the excuse of wanting what’s best for you. ~ Elena Parashko
If there is someone you admire who has already achieved the things you are aspiring to, ask them to be your mentor. ~ Elena Parashko
Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share similar experiences is a great way encourage each other onward and upward. ~ Elena Parashko
If a juror didn’t previously see merit in your artwork, it might be wise to pass on entering another show he/she is judging. ~ Nathan J. Cox
"Authors may transfer any part of or all of their exclusive rights to a third party, typically by means of an assignment or a license. Since an author’s exclusive rights are valuable and broad in scope, the license should be specific and should reserve what is not specifically conveyed." ~ Maria A. Savio, Esq.
"Produce fighter brands — products that preserve the integrity of your originals, while expanding your market offerings, broadening your customer base and spreading your reputation." ~ Monette Satterfield
“Consider what you are feeding your mind through television and reading...Reading motivational books regularly can help break a mental cycle of negativity and strengthen your emotional resources.” ~ Elena Parashko
"In today’s economy…you may still feel you have to cut prices…during these tough times. This may work in the short term but can be destructive to the long-term value of your art and your reputation." ~ Monette Satterfield
“Pay close attention to that little voice inside your head…Criticism and negativity can become a habitual way of thinking. Make a conscious choice to turn positive thinking into a habit instead.” ~ Elena Parashko
"We build a client base one sale at a time. Remember that each person you sell to is special. If you treat the $20 sale the same as you do the $2,000 sale, then you are on your way to the top." ~ Jack White
"Many artists make a mistake believing one big break will make their career…Sometimes reaching the top has more to do with you being in the right place at the right time.” ~ Jack White
"Familiarize yourself with a model contract, and talk with other artists who work in the same medium about their consignment contracts." ~ Ligaya Figueras
“Negotiating is not about defeating the other party. Have clear objectives in mind before you begin discussions. Do not be afraid to ask for more than what you really want, and be willing to give something up.” ~ Matthew Daub
“Sometimes, you just have to demolish what you have and start all over.” ~ Jack White
[Finding a new city for work] was thrilling, invigorating, exciting and scary, but it made me work harder than I ever had to work before. I was 100 percent committed to surviving, and it made me stronger and harder-working at my craft.” ~ Fred Calleri
“An art career is very much like constructing a building. There are some rules to follow, but for the most part we are each on our own.” ~ Jack White
“To promote creative tourism in your area: “every outlet where visitors gather — hotel lobbies, restaurants, art galleries, bookstores and museums — could have a ‘Meet Our Artists!’ brochure.” ~ Eric Maisel
“Both artists and society will benefit if millions of travelers every year are helped and encouraged to interact with, learn from and support the creative communities they visit.” ~ Eric Maisel
"Both verbal and non-verbal behavior can impact [a gallery deal]. Be in a positive mood when you walk through the door. Smiling, nodding approval and leaning forward are all positive body language cues that things are going well.” ~ Ligaya Figueras
“Sometimes, the best deal may be no deal. Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t feel obligated to sign.” ~ Ligaya Figueras
Part of maintaining positive gallery relations is by pursuing galleries that would be a good fit for you, not the other way around ~ Robert C. Jackson
“It’s your task to figure out the message you want to communicate to your target market and how to broadcast it. Product, place, pricing, promotion. Four Ps to keep in mind as you re-assess your marketing plan” ~ Ligaya Figueras
“Besides sending materials on time as requested by one’s gallery, [send] high resolution digital images regularly. If the gallery is planning advertising or promotional materials, or gets contacted by the media, they’ll already have your images in their possession.” ~ artist Robert C. Jackson
“The artist’s interests are not best served by just adopting the gallery consignment forms with no changes.” ~ attorney Amy B. Goldsmith
“Remember: Each small success moves you in the right direction toward your ultimate goal, so celebrate your achievements.” ~ Elena Parashko
“Promoting means informing your target market that you have what it wants.” ~ Ligaya Figueras
“You can only control your own thoughts and actions; you cannot control every variable. Some goals are attained; others are not...[the smaller goals] you do achieve will move you closer to your big dreams.” ~ Elena Parashko
“If students are only asked to memorize facts, learning often becomes tedious bottom-feeding...Boredom. But when students are asked to make a textbook, they are required to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create.” ~ Stephen Knudsen
"Each step toward an accomplishment is part of experiencing life. Value the things you learn, the skills you develop, the artwork you create, the people you meet and the new ideas you are exposed to. Enjoy this process in its own right, and savor the daily adventures." ~ Elena Parashko
When setting goals "A time frame is a motivator to keep you focused on completing the task within a reasonable period." ~ Elena Parashko
“Anything that makes you stand out, provides you with contacts, and gives you another perspective on the art world is going to help.” ~ Professor Kimberly Kersey Asbury, Saint Anselm College
For an artist's site it's like "[potential buyers] are coming into your physical gallery. What do you want in the front room? What do you want in the next room? What are they seeing, and what is the order in which they are seeing it?” ~ Gay Jervey
How to work with a professional web designer: determine what you need, convey the purpose, avoid communication problems and make sure you can update the site remotely" ~ Gay Jervey
"A new alternative in the mobile scene involves creating a smartphone application that allows a user to download a slideshow of your work, along with a link to your Web site" ~ Terri Kleckner
“Social networking is about developing relationships and interacting with people. It’s the easiest way to market yourself and to build a following. People buy from people who they like, understand and trust” ~ Mari-Lyn Hudson
“Your ‘brand’ is the way that people perceive you and your art. Your Web site, marketing materials, online posts, newsletters, e-mails and the way your art resonates with your audience contribute to building your brand.” ~ Bruce Kupper
In social media promotions, “Don’t forget to return the favor by recommending your friends to other friends.” ~ Renée Philips
“Focus on the things that have been working for you, and drop those that haven’t” ~ Bruce Kupper
“Pay close attention to the things you say so they align with how you want the public to perceive you, and even in times when you share personal information it only [furthers] the identity you’ve fostered online.” ~ Renée Phillips
“If you are socializing with people who make you feel worse and worse about the current state of the art market, without offering any solutions or positive feedback, try to avoid the topic with these folks” ~ Bruce Kupper
Avoid hard selling and provide content-rich comments. Simply posting “Come see my Web site at www.…” is not recommended...It’s important not to be too pushy when commenting on the sites” ~ Renée Phillips
“The most powerful brands never rest” ~ Bruce Kupper, marketing expert
“Add value and help others achieve their goals through LinkedIn discussions...Businessperson or artist, everyone can use more ideas” ~ Howard Stein
“The primary reason for registering a copyright is not because it is necessary for enforcing your rights, but rather because you will have greater options if something bad happens.” ~Jennifer L. Unruh, Attorney at Law
Present yourself professionally. ~ Stephen B. Henderson
[In art school] I had to justify the decisions I was making as a work was changing. It was still mine, but it became smarter and more current — the result of more thought and questioning. ~ Matthew Daub
Promote yourself and your work. Don’t be shy! You won’t ever get anything until you learn how to ask for it. Suggesting a next step to your audience provides both closure and a transition for continuing your relationship with them. ~ Alyson B. Stanfield
The old saying, “Those who can’t do – teach” is not true; don’t believe it. You really have to know a thing before you can teach it to others. ~ Matthew Daub
[Potential buyers] want to hear you talk, learn more about you and your work; set your focus, be prepared, own the room and greet people! You’ll be nervous at first, but the rewards are well worth it. ~ Alyson B. Stanfield
The best part [of teaching summer art camp] is being with the kids and watching them just absolutely having fun making stuff. You can see a spark in their mind going off when they start working on things and focusing and having a good time. ~ Peggy Fitzgerald
You don’t need to do something obscene or illegal to be creative, clever and innovative. ~ Renée Phillips
Art business workshops, classes, seminars and weekend retreats offer valuable information for artists at every career level and opportunities to form relationships with other artists and art professionals who may serve as further resources. ~ Ligaya Figueras
I know one artist in the ’80s sent his slides to a curator after packing them inside a sandwich. [It] caught the curator’s interest because his clever submission stood out from the piles of very ordinary slide packages. ~ Renée Phillips
If I need a break and need to be with other aspiring artists, so I don’t become a hermit, I can...It helps my work, just enough. Teaching keeps me on my toes. The students are always questioning what I’m doing, so they’re challenging me. ~ Jeffrey Hein
Current conditions require brave actions for change, so step outside the box, color outside the lines, and join the growing number of pioneering creative spirits. ~ Renée Phillips
I’m a working professional artist who’s had some success. To be able to see me in conversation with my clients, to have discussions about money — these are things that most professional artists struggle with. That kind of stuff is worth its weight in gold. You can’t get that from an academy. You have to be in the studio with a professional artist. ~ Jeffrey Hein
Luck is the result of knowing what you want and actively pursuing your dreams with determination and self-assurance. Like the philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Renée Phillips
Rejection can smart, but it is not a career killer. Take the bitter thoughts, and use your mind to make something positive of the rejection. Use it as motivation to move forward. And you will. ~ Jack White
When you first start chopping wood, you will, no doubt, get blisters on your hands. You have two options at that point. You can stop. Or, you can build up calluses. ~ Jack White
Draw all the time. Drawing is the key to everything. ~ Travis Louie
Enterprising artists should seek support from [government officials, tourist industry professionals, local business owners, art industry professionals and local residents] willing to encourage creative tourism. ~ Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
You’ve got to network and start to get to know people, because you never know. You meet this person and they know somebody else, and it just goes from there. It’s almost a domino effect. ~ Leslie Ditto
The artist has the power to create something great, mediocre or just plain bad. [Today], fine art is what someone tells you it is. A pile of broken glass at a construction site is refuse, but on the floor of an art museum, it can be a minimalist masterpiece. ~ Travis Louie
Rejection springs from many sources. Perhaps if you knew why they turned you down, your response would have been compassion rather than bitterness. In some cases, the rejection had nothing to do with you or your art. ~ Jack White
Take advantage of creative tourism: most artists do not stop to consider that the visitors arriving in their cities and towns are also hungry for great cultural discoveries, hoping to be stirred and looking for an experience that has nothing to do with room service or garish souvenirs. ~ Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
Challenge produces growth. Even the lowly garden plant won’t grow strong without challenges. ~ Diana Moses Botkin
When our art is rejected, we feel it deeply. But in truth what we make is not who we are. ~ Jack White