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Don’t Create This! (Create it!)

If you love something — be it a theme or subject in art — I'm willing to bet that you have a following 'out there'. There is a market for any type of art you can think of!

Holding the Key

I wrote down some very specific things I wanted for myself in 2014, and they happened within three months. It was freaky in a way, like I had the skeleton key to the universe or something.

Preview: Retirement Plans for Artists

Robert Reed, PH.D., CFP©, talks about the timing of saving for retirement, and goes over the pros and cons to traditional IRA, Roth IRA and SIMPLE plans for self-employed artists in this article.

Show Us Your Studio Winners

Professional Artist went in search of the most inspirational art studios across the country. Here are our top picks in the Most Creative, Most Messy and Most Organized categories!